Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day sixteen

Doctor Moira says someone special is coming to Thanksgiving dinner.

I wonder who?

She says that everything will be normal again after Thanksgiving.

I wonder why?

Also, Doctor Moira showed me how to change the settings so that when I write something it'll sign itself automatically. See what I mean?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day fifteen

Doctor Moira has been seeing me less and less. We haven't even talked about Mister Fancy in a week. I don't know why but she told me to write something today, so I guess I did, or am.

Speaking of Mister Fancy he is talking to me in my dreams. But he doesn't say anything. He sort of just is there and I sort of just know what he means.

Have you ever dreamt anything like that?

Love, Fogsy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day fourteen

Today Doctor Moira and I didn't talk about anything. Instead we went for a walk around the town but not in the woods or too far away from the town because she doesn't have a token and she doesn't want to get lost. But then she said she wanted me to get pictures of other people's tokens. I told her that only the token's holder was supposed to see the token until it got passed on which happens sometimes, but she promised it would be okay, so I got some pictures. Then she showed me how to put them on here.

Love, Fogsy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day thirteen

Today Doctor Moira told me more things that she thinks Mister Fancy has done. Most of them were about hurting people, but I kept saying he doesn't hurt people. Mister Fancy never hurt anyone I knew or know. That's good enough for me. But I think I saw Mister Fancy for real. When I was in Doctor Moira's office I think he was outside the window looking in. I tried to wave to him but he went away when Doctor Moira turned around and asked what I was waving at. I said nothing, but she asked if I saw Mister Fancy and I said yes. She told me that we had done enough today and I went home.

Love, Fogsy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day twelv

I saw Mister Fancy today. Last night, I guess. In my dreams. He is scary when he is in my dreams. He isn't nice like he normally is. He told me that I didn't need a token because I was special and I said Doctor Moira says everyone is special, and if everyone is special, is anyone special? But he said I was specialer and then I woke up and Daddy was in the room because I was screaming like it was a nightmare. I don't think it was a nightmare though.

Love, Fogsy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day eleven

I asked Daddy why I don't have a token. He told me it was because I was special. But I don't feel special without a token. I still get lost in the woods. Maybe if I didn't get lost even without a token I would feel special. But I don't feel special. Doctor Moira says I'm special, but she says everyone is special.

Love, Fogsy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day ten

Mister Fancy is still missing, but Doctor Moira asked me to tell her about the woods near my house. It's always snowy where we live. The woods are big and dark and it is very easy to get lost in them if you don't know what to do. The trees don't grow in natural patterns, because the woods are just rows and rows of perfectly aligned trees. Even though they're in such straight columns the woods are nicknamed "The Maze" because people who go in without a token usually don't come out. Sometimes even the roads in our town loop and confuse people. Without a token or someone who knows the area well it's really really hard to get around.

Love, Fogsy.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day nine

Doctor Moira was on vacation. And I haven't seen Mister Fancy since Doctor Moira went on vacation. Doctor Moira said that if I'm not seeing him anymore that's good. But I miss him. He is my friend. Even if he hurts people. I know he won't hurt me. Or at least I hope so. If Doctor Moira is telling the truth then he might hurt me anyway. But I don't think Doctor Moira is right.

Love, Fogsy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day eight

Mister Fancy seems really angry. And sad. And mostly angry. He has been ever since today. We were playing at night and suddenly at midnight he got all weird. Then he left. He said he had business to take care of. I hope he comes back.

Love, Fogsy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day seveb

Doctor Moira told me only to write on days that we talk about Mister Fancy. Except today I didn't see Mister Fancy. I think he was having a birthday party. He told me a few days ago that his birthday was the tenth and I gave him a present. But I don't think he liked it much because he doesn't wear it. It was a new tie because his old one is boring. But even if he doesn't like it he still said thank you. Well he didn't say thank you but I think he was thinking it. Anyway Doctor Moira told me to talk to Mister Fancy when he comes back from his business trips and ask him where he's been but he never says anything when I ask him. He just looks messy sometimes.

Love, Fogsy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day six

I didn't see Doctor Moira today because construction workers were fixing her window. And Mister Fancy was away. He was on a business trip like my daddy. So I read books and things. I don't have to go to school anymore. Not since Mister Fancy visited.

Love, Fogsy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day five

Today Doctor Moira told me more about the things Mister Fancy has done but I still don't believe her because Mister Fancy is a nice person and anyway they don't even know his name. But then Mister Fancy was there and he smashed the window and he told Doctor Moira to stop lying. When we left I asked him if he really did do all of those things and he said yes. I said why did he tell Doctor Moira to stop lying if he did them and he said because she doesn't know. I asked what she doesn't know and he said everything. Everything about him. About those people. She was just an obstacle and he would either have to get around her or go through her.

Love, Fogsy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day four

Today Doctor Moira was back. I had to go see her again even though I didn't want to. She told me that she might have found something out about Mister Fancy. She told me that he was a bad person. I told her how can he be a bad person if he's not real. And she said I thought he was real. I said that he is real but you don't think so. Then she showed me her computer screen. It talked about Mister Fancy although they got his name wrong. They said he killed someone. His name was Ray. I said that's a cool name but what does this mean. Doctor Moira told me that Mister Fancy was a bad person and I shouldn't play with him anymore. I told her no. Then Mister Fancy showed up behind me and told Doctor Moira to stop it. I don't think she heard him because she fell asleep when she saw him. Mister Fancy was happy. I asked him if he had killed her. He said no, she was just sleeping. So I still have to go back to her. I asked him if he had killed the person named Ray. He said yes. But he wouldn't say anything else about it not even when I asked him. I asked him if he had killed anyone else and he didn't say anything. Finally I asked him if he would kill me and he didn't say anything. Then he took me home.

Love, Fogsy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

day three

Today Doctor Moira was still sick so I played with Mister Fancy. I asked him if he really meant that he would go away and he said yes. So I asked him if he was only my friend and he said no, he has lots of other friends. I asked him if Mystery and Shady and Roby were some of his other friends and he said yes. I asked him to tell me about all his friends and he said no. Then he picked me up and put me at the top of the tree and asked me what I saw and I told him I saw really pretty skies and clouds and things. After a second he asked me what I saw again and I told him I saw storm clouds and lightning and thunder and things. And I think he was happy that I could see that but I can't really tell because it's hard to see his face.

Love, Fogsy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day two

Today I was supposed to see Doctor Moira but she was sick so I played with Mister Fancy. He told me he didn't like Doctor Moira and I told him I don't like her either but she said she was going to help me. He said that if she helps me then he'll disappear and he asked me if I wanted him to disappear and I said no. So maybe I won't see Doctor Moira anymore.

Also hi Mystery!

Love, Fogsy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day one

Today Doctor Moira told me that I was doing really good so far even though I only did it once. She asked me if I had seen my imaginary friend and I told her he wasn't imaginary. So she asked if I had seen my invisible friend and I told her he wasn't invisible. So she asked why nobody had ever seen him and I told her it was because he only shows himself to certain people and you aren't one of them. Then she asked me to tell her what he looked like and I reminded her that I had told her at least a thousand times and she still asked me to tell her what he looked like and I told her no. She said fine and gave me a candy. I saved it and put it in my pocket and then I gave it to my friend. I call him Mister Fancy because he wears a suit just like my daddy does when he wants to be fancy. First I broke off a part of the candy and gave it to my pet Cloud-claw.

Also Doctor Moira told me that if pictures were on the right side then that means that people were following me. I asked her what following was and she told me it was a lot like follow the leader. I like follow the leader. Doctor Moira told me that it was okay if other people were following me because they didn't know who I was and so it didn't matter if they could read what I wrote. Then she told me that if any new pictures show up I should say hi to them. Hi Shady! And Roby!

Love, Fogsy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Doctor Moira helped me make this thingie and showed me how to type right even though I already knew how from school. She says that if I write down everything I feel and see and things I'll be better. But I told her I didn't feel sick. She said that that was okay and I should still do it for her because she wanted to see how well I could keep track of myself. Finally she said I shouldn't say my real name or anything, even though she's the only person who would see it.

She also taught me a nice song. It goes like this. She called it the Super Poem. "Primal urges, singing dirges, hidden in mist and sealed with a kiss."

Love, Fogsy.