Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day four

Today Doctor Moira was back. I had to go see her again even though I didn't want to. She told me that she might have found something out about Mister Fancy. She told me that he was a bad person. I told her how can he be a bad person if he's not real. And she said I thought he was real. I said that he is real but you don't think so. Then she showed me her computer screen. It talked about Mister Fancy although they got his name wrong. They said he killed someone. His name was Ray. I said that's a cool name but what does this mean. Doctor Moira told me that Mister Fancy was a bad person and I shouldn't play with him anymore. I told her no. Then Mister Fancy showed up behind me and told Doctor Moira to stop it. I don't think she heard him because she fell asleep when she saw him. Mister Fancy was happy. I asked him if he had killed her. He said no, she was just sleeping. So I still have to go back to her. I asked him if he had killed the person named Ray. He said yes. But he wouldn't say anything else about it not even when I asked him. I asked him if he had killed anyone else and he didn't say anything. Finally I asked him if he would kill me and he didn't say anything. Then he took me home.

Love, Fogsy.


  1. Poor, poor Fogsy.
    To answer your question, he HAS killed more people. Many, many more. As for the other question... well... Yes.

  2. But Mister Fancy is my friend! He's nice. He would never do anything like that.

  3. But he himself admitted to it...
    Just be careful, OK?

    Mister Fancy may be your friend, but his brother, Slenderman, isn't.