Monday, June 13, 2011

Day seveb

Doctor Moira told me only to write on days that we talk about Mister Fancy. Except today I didn't see Mister Fancy. I think he was having a birthday party. He told me a few days ago that his birthday was the tenth and I gave him a present. But I don't think he liked it much because he doesn't wear it. It was a new tie because his old one is boring. But even if he doesn't like it he still said thank you. Well he didn't say thank you but I think he was thinking it. Anyway Doctor Moira told me to talk to Mister Fancy when he comes back from his business trips and ask him where he's been but he never says anything when I ask him. He just looks messy sometimes.

Love, Fogsy.


  1. He's all messy and dirty and his clothes are kind of ripped sometimes.

  2. Next time he comes back like that, could you please ask him why his clothes are ripped?

  3. Okay! But I don't think he'll say anything.